Simon’s story

A bad lad made good!

Simon was raised in a loving home with a clear sense of right and wrong. But as he got older, things began to change,

“I got in with the ‘bad lads’ at school and started drinking, getting into heavy metal and all that goes with it. Our philosophy was to live fast and die young.”

When he left school, the drinking increased and a friend started to sell him drugs. Simon’s doctor warned him that if he didn’t stop, he would die. He had developed liver damage and his mind had started to go.

One night Simon watched the film ‘Jesus of Nazareth’. He was struck by Jesus’ power over evil, the cleansing and forgiveness he offered and the way he died upon the cross.

At that moment peace flooded into Simon and all the guilt of his sin ebbed away.

“I experienced an intimate friendship with Jesus. I continued to talk to God freely about everything, praising and thanking Him for His great love to me.”

Simon woke up the next day changed from the inside out. Everybody noticed it. It was the beginning of a long healing process. Today, Simon is a pastor of Park Church, Shelton. You can meet him there!