Joe’s Story

A change for the best…

“In some ways I resented being made to go to church as I could never be part of things like Sunday League football”, says Joe who was brought up in a Christian home.

When he was old enough, he couldn’t wait to leave home and go to university where he could have some freedom and stop going to church.

So what changed?

Joe was invited to go on a holiday with his family and friends from the church that he had grown up in. Seeing how secure and confident his friends were about their faith made Joe more open to listening to them,

“It started to make sense to me. I started to understand what it was all about.”

Back at university, Joe thought more about these things.

“One of the big things I realised at that time was that I had lots of friends with problems in their
lives. I was thinking: I can’t even help them because I can’t even save myself. It started to dawn on me that I wasn’t in control of my own destiny. I needed to be saved myself.”

How did Joe become a Christian?

“I remember the night. I basically prayed about it. I thought: I really do need this. I want this. I want God in my life. I want Him to take charge. I need saving from all the wrong things I do and I can’t save myself. I had rest and peace at that point.”

That was three years ago.

What has Joe noticed about his life since that time?

“A big refocus on Christ and on doing things for God. A lot of security about knowing I’m saved and I’m safe and I’m loved by God for being who I am.”

Joe’s friends also noticed the change,

“Some thought: He’s mad. He’ll go back. He’s going through a phase. Some were less impressed.”

But, says Joe, “It’s been a change for the best!”