Sunday School Prize Giving

Sunday 11th October

The morning started off with a welcome to all by Pete, followed by a selection of hymns chosen by some of the children (Who Has Held The Oceans (Behold Our God) chosen by Lydia; Everyone Needs Compassion chosen by Naomi; and Bless The Lord, O My Soul chosen by Bruce).

We were then treated to a sketch of the Good Samaritan which was acted out by some of the children, narrated by Holly and co-directed by Rosie. After that, all of the children sung the Fruit of the Spirit song, led by Pete and Rachel. They then said their memory verses that they had memorised, and prizes were awarded for the most memory verses learnt during the past year, with Bruce winning first prize for 30 verses learnt!

Following the memory verses, it was song time again, and this time Keren played and sung a new song for us (Down Into Darkness) which we then sung in the evening service.

After that it was time for Vinny’s talk on Jesus giving the water of life, from John 4:1-30, which can be found on our sermons page.

Next it was time for the long awaited prizes for the crèche and Sunday school children, presented by Julie, Penny and Pete. We then finished with In Christ Alone My Hope Is Found which was chosen by Mikey, before saying a farewell to Penny as Sunday school co-ordinator and welcoming Rosie as the new leader.