All-age Easter trail

Do join us this Easter for an all-age interactive treat! We’ve set up a trail in Hanley Park with various things to find, and places where you can watch a retelling of the Easter story on video. There will be a quiz on the way round with prizes at the end for young and old alike!

You will need a mobile phone with an app that can scan QR codes. If you’re not sure how to do that, do ask someone for help as it’s an essential part of the adventure.

Event date: Saturday 3rd April. 2pm onwards. You will be given a particular time-slot after you book to help with social distancing.

What about the COVID regulations? The “stay at home” advice will no longer apply but the “rule of six” applies instead: Up to six people can do the trail together. That’s anyone from any number of households, but you must maintain social distance. Children under 5 don’t count towards the total. Alternatively, any two households can go round together with unlimited numbers. More information here.

What if the weather is terrible? If it’s wet, we’ll postpone the trail until the Sunday or Monday. If that happens, we’ll let you know via the contact details below.