Becky Hepworth

Ministry Trainee: Youthwork, Deacon

Becky is originally from just outside Oxford and came to Stoke to study “History & Criminology” at Keele University.

Since her degree, she’s completed the Relay Programme with UCCF.

Becky has been at Park for almost 4 years now. She lives with 4 other ex-students who are still in the area. You may see her lead worship (pre-COVID) and just generally being a little too over enthusiastic about everything. When not studying / prepping my groups, you can probably find her in God’s creation somewhere or nerding out at home over music/ movies. Becky has decided she would very much like to stay here full time.

Becky Hepworth, ministry trainee with youthwork
Becky Hepworth: Deacon, ministry trainee with youthwork