Children & Young People



We have various groups for children of all ages on Sundays.

Please contact Becky for additional information, she will be very happy to hear from you. 

Covid 19 information

If we’re not on in person, we’ll be meeting online. Do pop an email if you’d like your children to be involved in any of the Youthgroups.

ToP (Teens of Park) Ages 11 – 14

ToP meets every other Friday 7:30 – 9pm (term time) in the church for children aged 11-14. They do a variety of sports, games, trips to bowling alleys, lazer quest and the like with a short time looking together at the Bible. Come and join us – it’s fun and free!

CHIPS (Come Hear and Investigate Perfect Sacrifice) Ages 13 – 18

CHIPS meets on alternate weeks to ToP at the church 7:30-9:30pm for Youth aged 13-18. We’ll enjoy time playing sports and a bit more ‘off the wall’ team games. This group also has time for the youth to sit down with their leaders and investigate who Jesus is, for themselves. Come along to join in the fun and find out more!

FISH (Faith in Saving Hope) Ages 13-18

FISH meets every Sunday Term time, 6:30- 8:30pm at the church for those aged 13-18. We’re a youth bible study group who take time to look through the bible, understand it and see how it applies to us today as Christians. Come along for a few games and to grow in faith together.

Check the calendar for dates.