Staying connected when self-isolating.


Dear all,

We recognise that in the current situation, some of us will need to self-isolate. But that doesn’t mean we have to miss out entirely on our spiritual food. Here are a few practical ways of keeping in touch if you can’t get out to church.

1) Listen to our sermons online

All of our sermons are online, usually late-ish on Sunday evening. Click here: 


2) Subscribe to our podcast feed

All that means is you will get all of our sermons delivered automatically to your phone or tablet as soon as they’re released. Install a podcast app (AntennaPod, for example) – and search for “Park Church sermons”. Or if you have an Apple device, search for “Park Church sermons” in iTunes. Click here for more detail.

3) Watch the evening service on YouTube

We livestream the evening service from about 6:45pm on-wards.

Go here: Livestream and click on “Subscribe” to be reminded. Or you can watch sermons from previous weeks.

4) Keep in touch via your small group

Most of our small groups now have a WhatsApp group so members can keep in touch and share prayer requests and news. If you can’t get out to church because of illness, your small group is the first place to go to to get some support. Please let people know you are unwell rather than leaving them to guess.

5) Follow us on social media

We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Search for “Park Church Stoke”. We try to put up things that are useful and spiritually edifying, as well as practical information.

6) Make sure friends and family get updates via WhatsOn.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already done it. But there are plenty of people at Park who don’t get these emails. Please help us to get word around. Submit your email address here: WhatsOn

…and don’t panic. Jesus is Lord. 😉

Jon & Simon