Staying Connected Whilst Self-isolating.


The building is closed but the Church is here!

Dear all,

Mary has given us some tips to help with mental health at this time, click here to read them.

As the first week of social distancing passes, we find we are having to use our God-given creativity to stay in touch with each other. We are still sharing and looking out for each other and our neighbours around us. People are joining us on Sunday morning from all over the country now and we have had 295 listen to last Sunday’s service.

Here is a reminder of how to stay in touch and grow in our love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus.

Sunday Mornings Are Online

Don’t be disheartened when you see this because it is so simple to join and share with the rest of the Church during lockdown. This is the morning service from Sunday 29th March (Click on the date). There is a singing session first and the slides provide the words. A special session is still given for the children with something to learn and even youngsters showing how they learnt their verse the week before by brief videos. Then, there is a reading and sharing of God’s word from Simon or Jon.

Wednesday Inspiration shared by Jon.

Sunday Morning 22nd March

Don’t sign off too quickly though, as there is usually a coffee & chat session on Zoom afterwards, where you meet up and share what you have been doing and reflect on what you have just listened to. Ask your small group leader for details if you have not joined in yet.

Subscribe To Our Podcast Feed

All that means is you will get all of our sermons delivered automatically to your phone or tablet as soon as they’re released. Install a podcast app (AntennaPod, for example) – and search for “Park Church sermons”. Or if you have an Apple device, search for “Park Church Sermons” in iTunes. Click here for more detail.

Subscribe To Our Youtube Account

This is so you can automatically be notified when a Sunday Morning Service is starting and find previous services from Park.

Go here: YouTube and click on “Subscribe” to be reminded.

Keep In Touch Via Your Small Group

Most of our small groups now have a WhatsApp group so members can keep in touch and share prayer requests and news – this is the first place to go to to get some support and friendship. Please let people know you are unwell rather than leaving them to guess. If you don’t belong to a Small Group then contact us to get hooked up with one.

Follow Us On Social Media

We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Search for “Park Church Stoke”. We try to put up things that are useful and spiritually edifying, as well as practical information.

Make Sure You Get Updates Via WhatsOn.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already done it. But there are plenty of people at Park who don’t get these emails. Please help us to get word around and keep us all connected. Submit your email address here: WhatsOn

…and don’t panic. Jesus is Lord. 😉

Jon & Simon