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An evening with Fiona Castle

Click here* to hear Fiona talk about her life and marriage to Roy Castle, and her faith in Jesus.

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Passion for Life

A Passion for Life was a series of special meetings held within churches in Stoke-on-Trent featuring interviews with people who have faced real challenges in their life and how they have faced these difficulties with help from Jesus Christ.

Following each interview, a guest speaker explored the teaching of the Bible and its relevance to each of us as individuals.

Recordings are available below for the events held at Park Church. These can be downloaded or listened to online. There are separate interview recordings with some events having a short talk from a guest speaker and others having a Q&A session.

Please click the Passion for Life series below to find the individual recordings.

Passion for Life 2010

Speakers: Robin Oake, Eddie Roberts, Keren Baker, Euan Murray,
Debbie Flood, Connie Locker and Billy Ainscough

Passion for Life 2011

Speakers: David Hamilton and Billy Gilvear

Passion for Life 2012

Speaker: Fiona Castle

John MacKay - Creation Research and Evolution Presentation

John is a Geologist and the International Director of Creation Research. He asked, How old is the earth? Is it important? Listen to what John had to say here.*

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