Road Closures on 28th Feb!

There is a major running event happening around the Hanley Park area on 28th February. As a result, lots of local roads will be closed. The closures begin at 9:30am. According to the council, the closures will only be long enough to allow the runners to pass. Our advice is to arrive before 9:30am if you can, or at least leave a bit earlier to give yourself time to find an alternative route if necessary. You may have to park in a different part of Shelton to normal. The Thomas Boughey Centre car park is available, off Cauldon Road.

More parking ideas here.

RoadClosures - SnowflakeRace2016

Bernard & Chris Thompson visit

Many thanks to Bernard and Chris for coming over for the weekend. It was a very special time of remembering our shared history at Park Church.
Bernard encouraged us to seek more of God in both sermons: Morning  Evening
There’s also part of the interview. Sorry it’s only half of it.

…and that video.

Kwl Kidz Light Party

Saturday 31st October

As an alternative to Hallowe’en, Kwl Kidz (our youth group) had a light party. It was well attended by those who normally attend Kwl Kidz, as well as there being some new faces.

The evening was kicked-off with Ruth’s quiz, followed by some games ran by Richard and Dave. After these was a well-loved favourite; the chocolate game, run by Julie. It was then pizza, garlic bread and salad time for both children and adults before ice cream and more games ensued, including a glow stick and balloon disco. Last of all came the important talk given by Pete about Jesus being the Light of the World.

Suffering Church: Day of prayer

Sunday 8th November

Global Suffering Church

Programme for the day

10:00am Morning service with Stuart Windsor: Why pray for the suffering church?
Noon Prayer for Iraq & Syria
1:00pm  Lunch (provided)
1:30pm  Prayer for Nigeria & Eritrea
2:35pm  Prayer for Turkey & Iran
3:35pm  Prayer for India & North Korea
4:30pm  Tea (provided)
5:00pm  Evening service with Stuart Windsor: An overview of the work and story of CSW.

People will come and go throughout the day – you are welcome to come to any part or all of it.

About Stuart Windsor and CSW

StuartWindsorStuart Windsor was Christian Solidarity Worldwide’s National Director for 19 years and is now CSW’s Special Ambassador. Throughout his time with CSW Stuart has seen their work achieve a high profile for advocacy on religious freedom throughout the world.

Stuart has travelled extensively to countries where Christians and others suffer persecution for their religious beliefs. He has carried out briefings in the US Congress and Senate, given evidence in hearings at the UN High Commission for Refugees and has spoken at the European and UK parliaments. In recent years, his work has involved securing the safety of several Pakistani Christian families who were subject to persecution. Stuart is married to Ethel and they have two children.


CSW works in over 20 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin CSWWAmerica, defending everyone’s right to freedom of religion or belief.

Three quarters of the world’s population lives in countries with severe restrictions on their religious freedom – in fact, it’s one of the most widely-violated human rights in the world.

CSW think this is unacceptable and are working to change it. Their vision is of a world where everyone is free to choose their beliefs – to hold and practise any religion they like, or none at all.

You can read more about the work of CSW here

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